Germanys’ Saxony and Bavaria to restrict turbines to 10xH rule

Saxony and Bavaria bring an initiative to wind power

Saxony and Bavaria have introduced an initiative to wind power in the Federal Council on Thursday.  It’s about the distance from wind turbines to settlements.  Then the distance of such plants to houses should be at least ten times the height of a wind turbine. The Saxon Economy Minister Sven Morlok said, it is a matter, targeted to control the construction of wind farms and protect the citizens against sprawl.  From the opposition comes criticism. . Thus the energy change was being boycotted, it said.  The proposed law had been decided by the State Governments of the two republics at a joint cabinet meeting in July 2013. The Federal Council is to deal in March with the advance of the two German states.

Google translate this article and please read the comments afterwards.  These citizens are elated and relieved with their leaders.  Here is one comment:

10 Hedwig Oechsler:

Thanks to Bavaria and Saxony! About our rural residence day and night aircraft noise. And now is also continuous noise, continuous turning, continuous infrasound to come over 3km and nocturnal continuous flashing of wind turbines. No thanks! Industrialization of the last natural landscapes for nothing and again nothing, because of weather-dependent, non-storable current leads to nothing.  I would have expected the Land of Ideas more intelligence and more empathy for people and nature.. I urge the politicians to remind us of the Basic Law, Article 2, and keep, rather than the health of the citizens continue to trample.


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