BP “Terminates” Controversial Plans For Cape Vincent Wind Farm

BP has dropped its plans to put $300 million worth of windmills in the town of Cape Vincent.

BP Wind Energy wanted to develop a 200 to 285 megawatt wind power farm in the town.

The decision to “terminate” the project comes after years of controversy in the community.

“What does this mean? It means the end of a 10-year battle,” said wind power proponent Gary King. “We lost. We felt it was the best thing for the town, but apparently majority rules.”
BP has been trying to sell its wind projects and decided to abandon the one in Cape Vincent. Town councilman John Byrne was among those against bringing a wind farm to Cape Vincent.
“British Petroleum is a business and they’re in this to make money,” Byrne said. “I think most people are aware of the fact that the likelihood of them getting a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes agreement) was slim. We don’t know if they had anyone to purchase their energy.”

Plans for the wind farm began almost a decade ago and ever since, the project has pitted neighbor against neighbor in Cape Vincent.  Read rest of article here.

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