8 thoughts on “March Against Wind Turbines at Queens Park”

  1. Here is what I put on my Facebook.
    I was at this protest today. Not many people on a Toronto scale. I doubt many people noticed the protest at all……But I’m asking myself why do the *victims* have to travel to the city… To plead that their own Environment and Health be protected? ……………….Victim is not the wrong word either. Victims are subjected to continuous noise, vibration, flickering sunlight during the day, and blinking lights at night……..We have clear medical evidence of human harm………..The government and our legal system will not admit medical evidence………..What is going on?

    1. Where does one start answering that question “What is going on?”. There is a whole slew of reasons and one size does not fit all. Money, power, corruption, fear, ego, greed, ideology, stupidity, stubbornness, collusion, peer pressure, ignorance, and on and on. I would like to believe that there will be a reckoning for this harm that has been done to Ontario and citizens worldwide. So much has been invested in this scam; lives, reputations, and enormous amounts of money and investments, it will take something monumental to bring this whole scheme down.

  2. I was at the demonstration to offer support, and am from Toronto. It would have been so much better had all the people who were there split up and picketed the office of the Premier located at 795 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 101, and other Liberal MPP’s located in Toronto. Picketing their Constituency offices and dropping flyers in their ridings would have made more sense, gotten some news coverage, and gotten theirs and their constituents’ attention better than freezing on the lawn of Queen’s Park and marching to the Royal York?? They are worried about losing seats, so start targeting 2-3 of their Toronto ridings – the ones where Liberal candidates did not win by much – like Mitzi Hunter in Scarborough Guildwood. Guildwood successfully fought off wind turbines in Lake Ontario and you have lots of support there because the community is familiar with the issue.

    Where is the political strategy? One demonstration alone every now and again doesn’t do much. A letter writing and fax campaign targeting the Premier, questions in the Ontario Legislature by the PC’s (don’t let them off the hook with just a visit to your group, get them to question the government about it’s green energy policy in the Legislature, and do some research for a change). Complaints to the Office of the Ombudsman about how the government is forcing wind power on unwilling communities. How about a Mother’s Day picket of the Premier’s Constituency Office? A press conference in the media studio INSIDE Queen’s Park (yes the Tories can book the media studio for you). Nicer weather in May, you would get more folks out,and it might actually work in making the point. You have enough to deal with in rural areas. If you are gong to spend the energy, time, and money coming to Toronto, at least make it count. You deserve that.

    1. I love the Mother’s Day idea as well, brilliant! Thank you for your advice and suggestions, much appreciated. We definitely need to start targetting the MPP’s offices….Scarborough might be a good place to start like you suggested! Thank you for your support and coming out again. Next time we are set to go to Toronto, I might send you an email to run some idea’s past you if that’s ok!

  3. Thanks for the advice Patricia. We are definitely taking a many pronged approach to our fight. We have written hundreds of letters to all politicians, the Ombudsman, the Ministry of the Environment, Public Health Board, Health Canada, the Children’s Aid, Local, Regional, Provincial, and Federal governments have all heard from us, countless numbers of times. We will definitely do more protests, as the weather warms up, and your idea of visiting the Premiers office, to protest on Mother’s Day, is brilliant! We are going to continue to attend the legislative debates, concerning wind energy. Any and all suggestions are welcome, and I thank you! I know that the weather was terribly cold, and hopefully our next one, will be much more enjoyable! We are NOT going away! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for supporting us!!! (I also like your idea of targeting the Liberal MPP’s offices. I am sure they would be impressed! LOL!)

    1. Great idea re Mother’s Day. it would be good weather to bring out the children also. They are our top priority. And we can wear our great new purple sweatshirts or white Ts!!!

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