MOE urged to consider manufacturer documents


Ms. Garcia-Wright:


This letter is in response to your reply to Ms. Bonnie Tuson on January 23, 2014.  The reply is attached.


You state that the sound power level is guaranteed by the manufacturer.  You have received 16 documents stating that an Enercon E-101 has a sound power level of 106 dBA.  A member of the public also received a document from Enercon (which has been forwarded to you)  stating that an E-101 has a sound power level  of 106 dBA.  Steve Klose from the MOE states that the sound power level of a turbine is an inherent property of its noise source. In other words, the sound power level is the same everywhere.


NRWC states that the sound power level of the E-101 is 104.8 dBA.  Based on their noise modeling, this is the highest sound power level they can use and still be compliant at 40 dBA.  If they use anything higher than 104.8, they will not be compliant.


What rationale would you expect was used when NRWC submitted a sound power level of 104.8 dBA in their noise assessment,  when other published documents (including Enercon documents) indicate that the sound power level of an E-101 is 106 dBA?  Can you please reply to this question?


You also state “approval of REA applications are usually conditional to an acoustical audit once the facility is constructed”.  This doesn’t make any sense.  It is pretty clear that the project will not be compliant when the rules of the MOE are applied, so why would construction be allowed to proceed?  I think the public deserves an answer to this question.  The citizens of Ontario don’t need to be burdened with further increased electricity rates because of the non-compliant project.  It needs to be rejected immediately.


If for whatever reason, the project does get approval it is essential that the public have access to the independent acoustical audit.  Can the public have your assurance that this will happen?


You state that you will forward the decision of the German court to the Standards Development Branch.  Can we have your assurance that this court decision will be considered for the NRWC project?  This is a court decision that ruled against Enercon and it is final and cannot be appealed.  It makes no sense to ignore this decision in Ontario.


You state “The ministry will assess the impacts of the proposal including the height of the wind turbines”.  Can you please expand on this comment?  I am uncertain what you are saying.


Looking forward to a quick response,


Lois Johnson

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