Wainfleet mayor takes aim at rising hydro rates

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs Rob Houle January 21, 2014 St Catherine Standard

April Jeffs is ticked off at rising electricity rates.

The Wainfleet mayor asked fellow regional councillors Thursday to support her motion to ask Premier Kathleen Wynne to “take immediate action” to prevent rate hikes forecast to rise 42% over the next five years.

“I’m presenting this motion … more as a resident and small business owner,” Jeffs said after presenting her motion to council. “I do think it’s something we can all agree on, we’re already in a strained economy and these increases are negatively impacting our residents and businesses.

“With small to medium (sized) enterprises being the backbone of the province and comprising a large portion of Niagara businesses, it’s absolutely crucial that these rate increases stop.”

Read rest of article here.

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