Citizens across the province ask: “Is Ontario still a democracy?”

We live in such a bizarre time. Ideology and greed has overtaken our ministries and government. The biggest loser will be wildlife habitats and the creatures that live there. How incredibly sad.

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[Here is an opinion piece from the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists.]

Citizens all across Ontario have been asking themselves this question.
Over the past decade, municipalities and planners have participated in provincial programs to preserve our important natural heritage. People have joined together to help by participating in planning for the Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine, and countless smaller areas. They have contributed funds to conservancy and land trust organizations to allow the purchase and protection of significant natural areas.

In spite of all this, the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act has allowed developers to plow roughshod over important natural habitat. The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists will be in Divisional Court from Jan 21-24 to defend an Environmental Review Tribunal decision they won last July to stop an industrial wind turbine development at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block. The Ministry of Environment and the developer, Gilead Power, are appealing…

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