Christmas 2013 letter from a former Haldimand Resident Family;                  Who left because of the invasion of Wind Turbines.   Reprinted with Permission.

(Names and address removed to protect the privacy of the children)


 As most of you know and some may not we made a very difficult decision in our lives to move from our very beautiful home in the woods of Haldimand County.  This decision was very hard as we had never planned on leaving our wonderful oasis.  However with the invasion of Industrial Wind Turbines and the knowledge of what they really can do to you physically as well as emotionally we decided that that was not what we wanted to live near.  So we found a new home in the North near the Xxxxxx River.  We moved here in mid August and we absolutely LOVE IT.  One of the not so pleasant aspects of our move is that we really do miss our families and friends.  We had 10acres and now we have 162acres; lots of room to roam and explore.  We’ve done some exploring on our land, but still have lots to see.  Since moving up here we’ve seen moose and bear; not on our own land, but we have seen them.  We do miss the variety of birds as we don’t see as many here as we did back in Haldimand.

The boys have adjusted well to the move and are really enjoying their new surroundings and school.  They’ve met new friends and love that they have even more land to play on.  Xxxxx is now 9 and Xxxxx 6-1/2. (pictures attached).  Xxxxx is our book-worm, loves to read and is very knowledgeable and Xxxxx keeps us on our toes, very busy and curious about everything.

I don’t have a barn or pasture set up for my horse yet, but she is boarded right across the road, so it’s very convenient to walk over and see her or ride.  We also brought a new puppy into our home in May, she’s a white lab/husky cross and the boys are really fond of her.  So that makes 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 horse.  Wow what animal could we get now !  We got the farm now lets see ahhhhh chickens, goats, cows, sheep…… hummmmm never know.



Lots of love from the XXXX Family,

Xxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx & Xxxxxx     xoxoxoxo     and pets too !


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  1. My husband and I both said if wind turbines went in near where we live (closer than the 5 to 10 miles out the three wind plants we can see are), we would move immediately. One person I was discussing wind turbines with was very surprised when I told her that we would just move, even if it means taking a loss on the house, bankruptcy, whatever. She was very surprised. We just decided we would not be made miserable by greedy wind companies destroying the environment. It’s sad enough that they lap up federal money and set back conservation by years.

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