AGW is a way to scare people into submission. Simple!  We were being frightened into going along with their nonsense, but that train is leaving the station.  We know better, now!

4 thoughts on “AGW is a way to scare people into submission. Simple!”

  1. AGW and turbines are part of a drive by Greens + Reds to create an Equality of Misery for all except a self appointed elite. Some openly call for an end to freedom of Speech and Press, knowing that their true agenda- a mass cull of human beings- would never survive an open election!
    The current pause in global warming is 17 years old, and a quieter Sun is quite likely to bring on a mini-Ice Age rather than warming.
    All of this misery is to be wrought in the name of Malthus and George Orwell, and will spell the end of civilised life on Earth, if not stopped .
    The “Friends of the Earth” are no friends of Humanity- that’s you, me, and our children!
    They also claim that to maintain decent living standards we need the resources of two new planets.
    If they were true friends of Humankind, they would campaign for the colonisation of Space. This will happen, but with no thanks to the Greens, who should be backing it for Humanity and Mother Earth…
    Conserve Earth and move industry, assets and some people off the Earth- the coming 100fold reduction in the costs of Space flight within 10 years will cut the Greens’ pretensions off at the knees- and not before time! It will also create a new rich, opportunity laden and hopeful future for our children
    You know it makes sense
    “Earth is the Cradle of Mind- but one does not Live in the Cradle forever”- K.E.Tsiolkovsky

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Michael! To destroy our entire way of life, because something may, or may not happen in the future,is nothing short of insanity! Our children deserve better than a life with Agenda 21. The fear-mongers should go away quietly, and live their lives, as they see fit! We want NO part of their lunacy!!!

  3. To give some perspective; Climate worriers are prediction disaster because atmospheric Carbon dioxide stands at 400 Parts per million. If the UK were to abandon ALL combustion- of anything- for a century, the net achievement would be a reduction of 0.02% by 2100AD. Such a reduction is miniscule, and the cost would be the onetime civilised nation of England. This game is surely not worth the candle!

    130,000 years ago, Britain was home to Hippopotami and had a mean temperature pleasantly higher than current conditions. Neanderthal people did not run an industrialised state, and flew no jet airplanes.

    Interestingly enough, the geological period known as the Eocene- which saw the evolution of grasses and the ancestors of modern cereals, as well as horses, had vastly greater climate changes than we are promised; at one time, atmospheric Carbon dioxide was 10 times ours, for hundreds of thousands of years, and the Age ended with a dramatic LOWERING of Carbon dioxide to the unprecedented level of 800 parts per million.

    The Planet bowled along merrily enough, and as usual evolution brought forward some species and winnowed out others. Plant life did very well out of the global warming of those days- to our benefit..

    Meanwhile, it is springtime at Uranus, whose atmosphere shows marked turbulence and warming, at 1.8 billion miles from the Sun.
    Not even the most avid Sci-Fi fan has seriously proposed an industrialised Uranus- yet.
    Earth and Life have enjoyed several mass extinction events. At no time, except briefly after the collision which formed the Moon 4.45 billion years ago, was there ever an existential threat to the planet. Even then, Earth recovered from the shock, and the Late Heavy Bombardment which cratered Earth, Moon and the rest of the solid bodies of the solar system alike

    It is far harder to destroy a planet than alarmists assume- even a fully fledged all-out nuclear war could not come close.
    Civilisation , of course, is another matter altogether

    1. Your comments are fascinating. I have never believed that we were in any sort of imminent danger. My research, from the beginning, has led me to believe, that the climate alarmism was intended to frighten people, in order to make them compliant, with the agenda that governments, along with the “renewables” industry have planned for us. Agenda 21 is a terrifying prospect, for anyone that has a functioning brain, and a respect for freedom. I have not made up my mind, about whether we should be the ones to leave this planet….or should we send all of the offending individuals, and see how well they fare? You would know, far better than I….It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “brave new world!” If the U.N. thinks that we will willingly give up our autonomy, to further their cause, they have got another thing coming. I will fight this ridiculous agenda on behalf of my son, and all of the children that come in the next generations. As you have said…..”They deserve better!” Shellie

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