James McMurtry: Wasteland Bait & Tackle

From a windshield, through a scream…

…………. Wind farms look decidedly abnormal to me, especially at night. Sometime between the last two deer seasons, a wind farm went in south of my family’s old north Texas ranch house that I use for a hunting camp. Last winter, in the middle of a night, I drove in for a hunt and was astounded to see red lights flashing in unison all along the southern horizon. I didn’t know what I was looking at until daylight, when I could see the turbines. I was angry at those red lights; they weren’t supposed to be there, messing with my memory, flashing through my night. The creak of the sucker rod on an early oil well might have upset my grandfather in a similar way, but probably not. That creak meant money, just as the all night red flashes mean money to the ranchers south of my camp who might get to leave their land to their children, thanks to the wind leases. I shouldn’t complain, but I sometimes do.

Read more of this sad lament.

One thought on “James McMurtry: Wasteland Bait & Tackle”

  1. When you get so far into battling wind energy you begin to realise that there are many and bigger issues at stake than these useless and inefficient killing machines. Its our attitude that we are somehow entitled to destroy our planets biosphere to make our lives more comfortable. That is what we need to somehow change. The real answer is conservation and new innovative technology. Wind power is the choice of zealots and madmen/women blinded by ideology.

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