Ontario today: spaghetti supper fundraisers vs jetset hotshots – Wind Concerns Ontario

Two events occurring over the last week are emblematic to us of the reality that is Ontario today: the most recent fundraiser dinner held by Mothers Against Wind Turbines, where friends and neighbours gather for food and laughter and to raise money for the fight to protect their community, and the Toronto gathering of the Green Energy bluebloods, full of self-congratulation.   Sorry, we have no photos of what a bankrupt province looks like, which also made the news in the last week.

Donated centrepiece at MAWT fundraiser


3 thoughts on “Ontario today: spaghetti supper fundraisers vs jetset hotshots – Wind Concerns Ontario”

  1. Thank you WindConcernsOntario for remarking on the stark contrast between the flagrant lies and brainwashing being spewed in Toronto and the reality we are facing here in rural Ontario. Here is an image that I found that represents bankruptcy in our province courtesy of the Liberal party. A map of the wind turbine projects that are operating, approved and waiting for approval.


  2. The citizens of rural Ontario are fighting for their right to live unhindered by industrial electricity-producing complexes in their midst. We do not have our hands in anyone’s pockets, unlike the Lib. government, with their hands in ours. We must take from the already stretched, family budget, to pay the costs associated with fighting this injustice. It is expensive, and we must fund-raise, to make enough money to fight back. We are far better than they are at spending our dollars wisely, and not wasting a penny. It is hard work to hold our events, because all of the work is done by volunteers, unlike the hired labour, (at our expense), working for Wynne and her buddies. They are using our money, to harm us, and we are using our money, to defend ourselves. There is absolutely no justice in the Greed Energy Act. They are forcing the citizens to use a product, and pay for a product, that they do not need or want, because the Libs. and their “friends”, are heavily invested in it. They should receive something big for their efforts…..like about 50 years in prison.

    1. I agree Chevy. This crime being perpetuated by the Liberals and ‘friends’ against taxpayers, ratepayers, citizens, environment, economy and wildlife requires serious jail time. My only wish is it wont be a namby pamby Canadian prision. Russian prisions seem to be in the news a lot lately and I am thinking their facilities are much more appropriate for this bunch. Don’t worry scammers, global warming should be just around the corner. This seventeen year pause in global temperature upticks should end aaaaany moment and it will be soon be hotter than ever before. Those unheated Russian jail cells should be nice and toasty real soon.

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