And so it goes. And so it goes at the ERT.

by Bob Lewis

Reading this post at  Ontario Wind Resistance one can finally understand what rural Ontario is really up against.  A cold, heartless legal machine that views our turbine uprising here in the outlands as an annoyance; as a pesky ant ruining their lavish picnic.

I am spending my days in the presence of evil and I am trying to cling to my shredded humanity. I look for inspiration to people like today’s witnesses, like Harvey and Esther, like Bill Palmer. All these people give up their time to work for something that they actually believe in. Countless unpaid hours. In some cases it’s years of unpaid hours.

Witnesses like the Michaud family and Nikki Horton – people who are willing to stand up in public, repeatedly, and let a bunch of scumbag lawyers dissect their entire medical history in public – imply that they are just out for money in a lawsuit, or perhaps they are just out for the publicity.

But nothing personal, you understand. It’s just another case.

Read the rest of Bob Lewis’ witness to this travesty:

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