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Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The US has some of the world’s most boring looking money—it’s all green. So we have terms like “greenbacks” for dollars, and “long green”, meaning lots of money.

I offer this as context for what I found when I got to wondering what had happened to the United Nations “Green Climate Fund”. You may recall that the Green Climate Fund was set up by the UN as the only result of the recent Rio de Janeiro Cancun conference on climate idiocy. When the Fund is going full throttle, it is supposed to disburse no less than $200 billion ($200,000,000,000) dollars each and every year to the developing countries.

It turns out that, unlike those of us skeptics who are falsely accused of receiving big bucks from big oil, the “Green Climate Fund” has already raked in millions of dollars to spend on fighting the evil…

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Australia: Resident’s lawyer promises legal action against wind turbine host neighbours

The hosts of the useless machines should be sued….along with the politicians and wind companies.

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Threat of legal action against wind farm hosts

Hamish Boland-Rudder — Canberra Times — October 29, 2013

An anti-wind farm resident of Collector says he will sue his neighbours should they become turbine hosts as part of a proposed wind farm in the small community north of Canberra.

A proposal for a 63-turbine wind farm at Collector was referred to the Planning Assessment Commission by the NSW Department of Planning late last month, with the recommendation the plan be approved. The commission will hold a meeting in Collector on Tuesday to hear from the public.

But last week, lawyers acting for Friends of Collector president Tony Hodgson sent a letter to landholders who would probably host a turbine. It said there was precedent for legal action as it was “anticipated that the operation of the wind farm will have substantial and actionable adverse affects [sic] upon our Client”.

“By leasing…

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17 Reviews — wind turbine noise and human health

The wind industry denies health issues, to avoid being held accountable.

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Last updated October 7, 2013

In January 2012, Australian anti-tobacco/pro-wind public health activist Simon Chapman compiled a “Summary of main conclusions reached in 17 reviews of the research literature on wind farms and health”. His list, which unsurprisingly ignores many reviews and commentaries that support health concern, and misinterprets even these 17 to support his and the industry’s need to ignore health concerns, has since been used tirelessly as a rhetorical cudgel by the wind industry.

In December 2012, Wayne Gulden in Ontario examined Chapman’s “17 reviews”: He found that: 3 of the reviews didn’t even discuss wind turbines; only 4, maybe 5, were peer reviewed, including one of the reviews that didn’t mention wind turbines; only 1 was independent from pro-wind interests (but was not peer reviewed); and the majority based their conclusions on only 4 studies, added to which Gulden suggests a 5th, published after most of…

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Want to understand why those energy prices really keep rising?

Imprison those responsible!!!

Autonomous Mind

It’s been documented and explained for years by Richard North and Christopher Booker.  But those who have not seen their many warnings about what was in store for us as a result of policies, that so many people cheered for being ‘green’, might benefit from this very quick summary that Booker puts in his column today.

Two weeks ago, in a column headed “It’s showdown time for our insane green energy policies”, I observed that this is the moment when the roof is finally starting to fall in on a collective flight from reality that I have been reporting here for years.

But what few people yet realise is how far this catastrophic mess we are in was not only predictable, but has also been quite deliberately brought about, through the Government’s own policies.

Their central aim, though never openly explained, has been twofold. One leg has been…

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Renowned UK Environmentalist David Bellamy slams wind turbines — Destroying our countryside for profit

Nothing green about wind turbines…..well, maybe the money!

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Tip of the hat to Garryhinch Wind Energy Awareness Group for this find.

“Wind farms do not work. They are a blot on the landscape.”

The Journal (UK) — October 26, 2011

ENVIRONMENTALIST David Bellamy has spoken out on how wind farms are destroying our landscapes for profit.

ENVIRONMENTALIST David Bellamy has spoken out on how wind farms are destroying our landscapes for profit.

In an interview with The Journal he claims companies are profiting from green energy plans which end up doing more harm to the environment than good, and push up electricity prices.

Dr Bellamy, 78, who lives in Weardale, County Durham, and has been awarded an OBE for his conservation work, said: “Wind farms do not work. They are a blot on the landscape.”

The campaigner explained: “Every turbine you put up has to have back-up electricity produced because the wind goes up and down, it is…

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Rural community in Ottawa wishes to be Not a Willing Host

Not one sensible community would agree to host the useless turbines!


Signing petitions

North Gower-Richmond (Ottawa), October 26–Hundreds of residents jammed into the largest hall in the Recreation Centre in North Gower today, to listen to speakers and sign petitions to declare the community Not a Willing Host to a proposed wind power project.

The 20-megawatt project is on hold, waiting for Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to announce the new “procurement” process and application procedure for large-scale renewable power generation projects, which is expected to happen in January, 2014. The wind power developer Prowind, based in Germany,already told The Ottawa Citizen it  intends to reapply for the subsidy program, and that it would work to make local residents “comfortable” with the project.

But the citizens looked anything but comfortable Saturday as they lined up to sign a petition to go to the City of Ottawa demanding to be declared Not a Willing Host.

Ottawa Wind Concerns chair Jane Wilson said that the $20-million…

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Germany Sends Clear Signal that it will Slam the Brakes on Renewable

A return to sanity? Let’s hope so!

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Industry and Jobs are more important

From No Tricks Zone:

P. Gosselin — October 26, 2013

A major part of Germany’s SPD socialist party, which is Germany’s second largest party behind Angela Merkel’s CDU conservative party, is coming to its economic and social senses on the issues climate change and renewable energy. The threat of social unrest and lack of warming are gradually changing minds

Hannelore Kraft, Minister President of Germany’s most populous state North Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s heavy industry heartland, has seriously upset the formidable green wing of her SPD party and companion Green Party in claiming that preserving heavy industry jobs in her state is more important than the rapid transition over to renewable energies.

The Ruhr region of North Rhine Westphalia employs tens of thousands of jobs in the traditional sectors of coal, steel, and energy. But the continued massive subsidization of renewable energies is a…

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Natural gas prices and renewable sources to blame for hydro bill spike

By Melanie Anderson, Sarnia Observer

Friday, October 25, 2013 6:26:21 EDT PM

(QMI Agency file photo)

(QMI Agency file photo)

A pair of controversial energy sources are being blamed for a spike in electricity rates hitting consumers come next month.

“It looks like higher market price for natural gas was the main driver of the prices,” said Bluewater Power CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis.

A greater use of wind energy, among other renewable sources, is also at fault.

“The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is forecasting more generation from renewable sources so that will push the price up because certainly your renewable sources of energy come at a higher price tag than your more traditional sources,” said McMichael-Dennis.

Parker Gallant, vice president of Wind Concerns Ontario, said that a chart obtained from the OEB showed just how much more money these renewable sources were costing the province.

“It showed that the supply of energy from wind, solar, and gas — because gas has to back it up — produced 17% of Ontario’s generation.  But, if you look at the cost, it’s in excess of 43% of the total global adjustment pot,” said Gallant. “Wind and solar are basically costing us a lot of money .”

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Weighing Ontario’s controversial choice on nuclear power

The Long-Term Energy Plan review now underway in Ontario demands our attention despite its sleep-inducing name. The choices the Wynne government makes will affect your pocket book, our economic competitiveness and the health of our environment.

And already the review has delivered a bombshell. Earlier this month, without waiting for the final analysis, expected later this year, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced that “new nuclear will not be part of the long-term energy plan.” He maintains Ontario has a “comfortable surplus of electricity” and won’t need to spend upwards of $26 billion to build new nuclear plants.

I don’t get it .   Chiarelli states that we here in Ontario have a comfortable surplus of energy.  If that is the case and we have no need to build new nuclear facilities..then what is the point of adding more useless wind turbines?  Does anyone have a clue yet that, although the wind back-up gas plants are economical now..in a short time as those prices become tied into the global market, running those plants will also become expensive.  If the Liberal government is committed to conservation and planning wisely for the future then that practical path should include rethinking their our investment in useless wind and solar.

Predicting the province’s energy future is not an exact science. New technology will change the relative advantages of our different energy sources. Greater attention to conservation could further shrink demand. At the same time, massive developments like the “Ring of Fire” mineral find in Northern Ontario and a slow renaissance in manufacturing could increase demand.

Saving billions by not investing in new nuclear plants is supported by the best available analysis. With that decision made, the minister should shift his attention to containing future energy costs for consumers and business.

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Also this interesting graph from the UK.

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