Rural community in Ottawa wishes to be Not a Willing Host

Not one sensible community would agree to host the useless turbines!


Signing petitions

North Gower-Richmond (Ottawa), October 26–Hundreds of residents jammed into the largest hall in the Recreation Centre in North Gower today, to listen to speakers and sign petitions to declare the community Not a Willing Host to a proposed wind power project.

The 20-megawatt project is on hold, waiting for Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to announce the new “procurement” process and application procedure for large-scale renewable power generation projects, which is expected to happen in January, 2014. The wind power developer Prowind, based in Germany,already told The Ottawa Citizen it  intends to reapply for the subsidy program, and that it would work to make local residents “comfortable” with the project.

But the citizens looked anything but comfortable Saturday as they lined up to sign a petition to go to the City of Ottawa demanding to be declared Not a Willing Host.

Ottawa Wind Concerns chair Jane Wilson said that the $20-million…

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