The province’s green energy plan is nothing more than hot air (letter)

The Liberals don’t care….it is a “revenue tool”!

Wind Resistance of Melancthon

Dear editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion on the issue of wind farms, not only in Dufferin County, but as it affects the entire province of Ontario.

Wind energy is a farce.  Wind energy is not a reliable source.  It is not able to generate enough power at a consistent rate for people to power their homes.  In other words, if there is no wind, there is no electricity in your home.

The second issue is the cost of wind farms.  The cost to produce wind energy is more than it is worth.

It costs more than $0.16 per kilowatt/hour for wind.  Currently, we pay approximately $0.09 per kilowatt/hour for hydro for our homes, therefore, tax payers are picking up the tab for the difference. The county of Dufferin would like to shut down the production of wind farms.

The third issue is that…

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