How to Cure a Climate Change Denier

Even a global warming alarmist can learn the truth, if he is open to it….

Watts Up With That?

81B3RbTSszL._SL1500_[1]Here is a book with a twist – an eco gone rogue and self modified into a climate change “denier”. His experience parallels many, actually, including some of mine (though I’d never join Greenpeace, UPDATE: and now after having read his Kindle book, I’ll point out that I believe that CO2 has some effect, but far less than has been claimed, especially where feedbacks operate) – Anthony

From the description:

Paul Caruso once lived in an off-grid eco-community, grew much of his own food and was an active member of Greenpeace. However, over the past few years he has lost his faith in human induced climate change and become a denier!

He doesn’t really deny that the climate is changing – he has just come to the conclusion that it is natural variation.

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