Pakistan the new frontier in the great wind power fraud

They don’t care who they rob….they just want your money!!!


With the wind scam pulled to a grinding halt in Australia – and European wind weasels under threat as Europe gets set to pull the plug on the fat pile of subsidies that provide them with essential, life giving nourishment there – it seems that their next targets are the very poorest and most corrupt countries on the map.

Funny about that.

Wind power: that’s another scam brewing up
Business Recorder
14 October 2013

Although it is not known whether or not the government is seeking to steer clear of different brewing scams in various economic areas, it is quite clear that it has in fact encouraged a fraudulent scheme in wind power energy sector to swindle the national exchequer. According to sources, the ‘Letter of Intent (LoI)’ game, which is strongly characterised by conceit, deceit and intrigues, has become a convenient tool to inflict huge financial losses on nation’s…

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