More media stupidity on energy

Supporters of wind, are supported by wind. You can follow the money trail….every time!

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With very few notable exceptions, it seems the British media is stuffed with hacks who exhibit no evidence of an enquiring mind, no willingness to question and test the stories they are being fed and no interest in publishing challenging pieces that readers need to be told, no matter how difficult the conclusion is for people to accept.

The Mail on Sunday has one of its increasingly half baked, cor blimey editorials today where is proclaims ‘We must sort out fuel prices… right now’.  It doesn’t perform any real service to its readers because it doesn’t recognise and set out the real problems about energy prices.

At the most simplistic level, prices are rising for four reasons:

  1. Increasing energy prices on the wholesale market are being passed on to customers by the regulated providers
  2. Increasing government-imposed ‘green levies’ imposed to pay subsidies and grossly inflated tariffs to corporates and land…

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2 thoughts on “More media stupidity on energy”

  1. People in the UK will have to return to the past when only one or two rooms of a house were occupied during the winter months. Maybe they should buy down quilts and pillows to sleep in if they can afford them.
    Demand side management works just like rationing.

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