Britain’s Winter of Discontent

The truth about the useless wind industry…


In our recent post Miliband off with the pixies as Brits brace for Winter of Discontent we predicted that Brits are ready for another Winter of Discontent as renewable driven power prices leave them freezing in the dark.


Well, it seems we weren’t far off the mark.

Peaking power piranhas are piling in to the power market in order to cash in when the wind stops blowing and wind power output drops to a doughnut.

In Britain and Australia peaking power operators are using banks of diesel generators to keep the grid from collapsing when wind-watts go missing hundreds of times each year – see our post here.

In Britain the scam is propped up by ludicrously generous subsidies to peaking power operators to ensure that there is sufficient backup capacity to cover the unpredictable, but routine daily collapse in wind power output.

British power punters are rightly…

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2 thoughts on “Britain’s Winter of Discontent”

  1. The wind weasels and greentards will never ever keep up with their fans, which will leave a lot of people in the cold and dark.

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