Gone With the Wind

Wind turbines are a farce….



Gone with the wind farm
Australian Financial Review
Paul Comrie-Thomson
4 October 2013

One thousand new wind turbines a week or 52,000 a year would be needed just to keep pace with India and China’s coal burn.

So, where to now in the climate debate?

Dieter Helm, CBE, is eminently qualified to write about climate policy but seriously challenges current climate thinking.  Consider his background.  A professor of energy policy, University of Oxford, and fellow in economics at New College, Oxford, he is also a member of the economic advisory committee to the British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and chair of the natural capital committee.

Helm was also a special adviser to the European Energy Commissioner.

He is unequivocal that global warming is a serious problem.  He advocates a carbon tax.

But in his 2012 publication The Carbon Crunch Helm details how the global chatter…

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