Financial Post on a Roll This Week

Climate forecast: All’s well, despite what the IPCC says.                                     Kesten C. Green, J. Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon, Special to Financial Post | 08/10/13

Our research in progress tests more forecasting methods, uses more and better data, and extends the validation tests to the present time. The findings strengthen our conclusions that there are no scientific forecasts of dangerous global warming.

Without scientific forecasts, the alarm is false. Government programs, subsidies, taxes, and regulations put up as responses to the global warming alarm can only result in wasteful misallocations of valuable resources.

Rest of Article here:


And this delightful article as well.                                                                                               Peter Foster: David Suzuki’s ‘Carbon Manifesto’ pitch hijacked by Sun TV’s Ezra Levant

Matthew Sherwood for National Post

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