Richard Paltridge – one man’s battle

Some windweasels will stop at nothing to get their evil deeds done!


Battling wind weasels, like Acciona, in Court has its own “special” charm – just ask Richard Paltridge.

Dick won – his landmark planning case in South Australia, but his opponents – including the rotten little Rann, State Labor Government – pulled every slimy trick in the book along the way.

Acciona – the subject of Marshall Madigan’s REC Fraud round-up at Waubra – is more than happy to tip a bucket on the established rules of adversarial contest with a “win at all costs approach”.  Here’s the tale as told by Dick.

Richard Paltridge

A case of BS.
By Richard Paltridge.

You may remember how in 2010/2011 I took the District Council of Grant in the SE of SA to the ERD court to have the decision of their Development Assessment Panel overturned.

Acciona took the decision to appendage themselves to the case, hoping no doubt to ensure their project at Allendale…

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