Hell hath no fury like Anne Schafer scorned

You have to read this….does an excellent job of explaining the truth!



A few posts back we covered the excellent survey put together by STT Champion, Anne Schafer on the growing public health disaster at AGL’s Macarthur wind farm.

The turbine noise levels generated not only breach the conditions of AGL’s planning consent, but drive the locals nuts night, after sleepless night.

Non-compliant wind farms, like Macarthur, are under investigation by Senator John Madigan who has been hot on the trail of several other cases of REC fraud in Victoria – including Waubra (Acciona) and Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro).

The latest twist in Marshall Madigan’s hunt to round up REC fraudsters occurred last week when Pyrenees Shire Council staff refused to hand over a report by consulting group Heggies.

STT has it on very good authority that the Heggies report concludes that Acciona’s Waubra wind farm does not and can never comply with the noise conditions of its planning consent.  Withholding…

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