Wind turbines and noise

Noise from wind turbines can be substantially higher when heard from inside a home. It is like an echo effect, and it also gives the infrasound a way to vibrate.

the noise curmudgeon

Wind turbines and noise

Ah, finally the NC blog is back to looking at NOISE issues!

And yet, this topic is also about technology and sound/noise. Just that this time, rather than technology creating  ‘music’, it is generating unadulterated noise.

(The reason I am posting on this topic now is its local pertinence. There has been a recent struggle in my part of Ontario between a company that wants to build five 500 ft. wind turbines up on a hill, and a number of nearby residents who are resisting the plan.  Just recently, one of the farmers who was  going to rent his land to the turbine company decided to cancel his agreement. Apparently there are two other landowners who have agreed to rent their land.  We will see if they too change their minds.)

Wind turbines are presented by various groups as ‘green energy’ options. No polluting fossil fuels…

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