IPCC: Down But Not Out

Exposing the lies of the IPCC and the  global warming scam has already been accomplished.  But what this commenter on WUWT pointed out is that there is an untold wealth in continuing the global warming scheme and it will take a political will such as what has happened in Australia to stop it.  This is what needs to happen here in Ontario.  We need a political party with will and integrity to halt this destruction of our province.  If such a thing even exists.  Here is a piece of that comment:

Do not fool yourselves that by deconstructing the SPM here or in ‘friendly’ media that the politicians or their bureaucracies will stop.  The only thing that will grudgingly stop them is if as in Australia the politicians are voted out and those taking power take immediate action to curtail the bureaucracies that have been built.  This will NOT be possible in the EU there is no mechanism to remove or stop the bureaucrats pushing carbon limits and carbon emissions taxes and trading.  There will be great difficulty in the USA even with a landslide to Republicans in stopping the EPA killing industry and power generation by regulation. Behind both the EU and USA regulatory activities are a large number of financial institutions hoping to make fortunes salami slicing ‘their share’ of carbon tax monies and running their operation who are promising untold riches to politicians and bureaucrats,  These are supporting questionable ‘green energy’ schemes and subsidies that worldwide run into trillions of dollars of laundering schemes to political ‘supporters’.   

Does anyone really think that this will be stopped by saying – but you said previously climate metrics over 10 years was good enough?

Original article can be read here:


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