IPCC: The consensus cracks

We always knew it was about the money….

Roger Helmer MEP

Like a warming ice sheet, or a fracked rock, the so-called “consensus” on global warming is starting to crack.  The latest IPCC report is in many ways a remarkable document.

Many people will be astonished at the IPCC’s assertion that they are now more certain that climate change is man-made than they were when their last report was published six years ago.  95% certain now, as against 90% certain then.  And this despite the fact that there has been no increase in mean global temperatures in the meantime, and that the predictions of their computer climate models have quite simply failed.

It is perhaps not surprising that if you assemble 1000+ “scientists” and ask them to look for evidence of man-made global warming, they find some — or at least they report that they have found some.  (I put “scientists” in inverted commas, because on their previous report it was…

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