Game Over

Boy, this is one kid that is not going to take abuse from turbines, or the government, lying down!


game over

Hands up STT readers, who’s game to lend money to Infigen, Pac Hydro or Union Fenosa?

Ready to send your hard earned coin to Infigen – the crowd that backed up a $55 million loss in the year ended 30 June 2012 with an $80 million loss in the last financial year?

Our favourite whipping boys, Infigen –along with Pac Hydro, Union Fenosa and a band of similarly scurrilous scammers had all formed a disorderly queue outside the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) ready to pocket a fat pile of cash – OUR CASH – that is, from their mates at the CEFC.

A while back we covered the shenanigans at the CEFC in: The Oz – tilting at windmills: Part 2.  In that post The Australian talked about “high-risk loans”, referring to the fact that the wind outlaws were not being called upon by the CEFC to…

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