Liberal Problem Solving

Liberals ARE the problem!


If I had to describe Liberals in a concise manner it would go something like this – Liberals are a group of people who like to generate solutions in search of a problem.

The Liberal solutions are geared to furthering their agenda (creating a bigger government, soaking the wealthy, limiting freedom and moving us closer to Socialism) but any thinking person quickly realizes these solutions are geared to solve manufactured problems.

Obamacare will help people who can’t get insurance and lower the costs of insurance.  You know, so we can be more like Europe.

We had to pass the $787 billion stimulus in 2009 to keep the Unemployment Rate below 8%.

Ignoring the 2nd Amendment and limiting gun ownership will reduce gun violence.

Raising taxes on the wealthy will end the class warfare and lower our deficit.

Increasing Welfare spending will reduce the poverty…

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