Love thy Neighbour

Australia acknowledges the good-hearted Winslow family, who righted a wrong, on behalf of their community!!!


It should never be forgotten that the land-holder that sells their soul for a few pieces of silver is the basis for the whole wind power fraud.  Wind weasels would never purchase land in their own right – far better to pay a few measly $thousand per turbine in annual “licence” fees to a “sucker” who takes all the risk upfront and will inherit a toxic mess at the end.  Landholder agreements are all in favour of the wind weasel – and lay all the risk at the feet of the hosts.

turbine down

Land holders will be left with rusting hulks in their paddocks – and none of them were smart enough to get decommissioning bonds – or some other valuable security – in place to ensure the mess will be cleaned up when the whole circus collapses – as it inevitably must.

Good luck getting a $2 company with no…

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