What was all THAT about?

Lucky Aussies, on their way to shaking off their turbine troubles!


Remember country primary school Christmas concerts when you were 5?


Performer anxiety as you stood up to recite Banjo Paterson’s the Man from Snowy River, off the cuff, to the whole town.  A strangely familiar Father Christmas doling out presents to all the kids in the school.  Gorging on gallons of raspberry cordial, gutsing down lamingtons, fairy cakes and chocolate crackles after the show, as if there was no tomorrow.  Then, suitably refreshed with an almighty sugar hit, running around the Soldiers Memorial Hall like mad things in the dark.  Screaming and yelling like banshees in the night.  Oh what fun!

Remember your first Bachelor and Spinsters Ball?


Buffed up in Uncle Ted’s dinner suit – the one that never really fitted; or in some taffeta nightmare that Mum knocked up from material you always suspected was from an old curtain.  Off you went for a night of…

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