New lawsuit launched to protect Ontario’s endangered species

I was wondering if any of the faux-green environmentalists would ever have the guts to speak out! Let’s see how this goes!

Ontario Wind Resistance

sign blanding turtleBy Dr. Anastasia Lintner, EcoJustice
There are many plants, birds and animals in Ontario whose survival is currently endangered or threatened. Without a concerted effort to ensure that these species are protected from harm, and have the homes and spaces necessary for their survival, we risk losing them altogether. The Ontario government has failed to deliver on its promise to defend endangered and threatened species.
And today, we’re doing something about that.

A promise to Ontarians and species at risk
In May 2007, we stood up with a coalition of environmental groups to celebrate significantly improved legal protections for Ontario’s at-risk species and their habitats. We saw the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA), as the best legal framework for protecting species at risk. It was a gold-star or A+ effort that was worth celebrating. All that was left to do was for the provincial government to implement the new law…

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