After a party that was bigger then the end of WWII – STT says: “hats off, Tony”

It brings me great joy to see the greentards getting the boot! Go Aussies!


The “unelectable” Tony Abbott has just been elected – picking up some 18 seats – to end up with a thumping 32 seat majority in the House of Representatives.

When we say “thumping” we’re not just talking about the almighty hangovers suffered by the STT crew this morning.

Among the 90 seats that the Coalition bagged were those taken by STT Champions:

Craig “Ned” Kelly:


Craig picked up a traditionally Labor seat in 2010 and has been returned with a swing of 6% in his favour. “Hats off, Craig”!

Craig’s a mighty big man with a mighty big plan to put energy policy back in order and is very keen to slam the bag on the wind industry scam.

Bruce “the wind scam smasher” Scott:

The Member for Maranoa came out swinging after the National Rally – tipping an almighty bucket on the wind power fraud – which we covered

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