Why existing Wind turbine “Health Studies” are skewed and pathetically inadequate

We KNOW there are health effects….we just need the wind industry to be forced to acknowledge it, but they don’t want to be responsible!

Quixotes Last Stand

The Massachusettes Dept. of Environmental Protection/Dept. of Public Health commissioned a study on the effects of wind turbines on humans.

Wind Turbine Health Impact Study:

Report of Independent Expert Panel January 2012

Prepared for: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection /Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Several things to note about this “independent” unbiased 163 page report.

They go to great lengths to mention the qualifications of the board members who evaluated the research.  All sorts of PHD’s flying around the room.  And we know that they know their “stuff” because right off the bat, they give this unbiased view of wind turbines.

“Many countries have turned to wind power as a clean energy source because it relies on the wind, which is indefinitely renewable; it is generated “locally,” thereby providing a measure of energy independence; and it produces no carbon dioxide emissions when operating.”  

No mention of course, that wind…

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