What’s 15 years?

No, people in Germany DON’T love turbines!!


This German anti-wind energy manifesto was presented at a press conference at the Bonn press club on September 1st, 1998 by Prof. Dr. Lothar Hoischen. It has been signed by many.

Now, 15 years to the day, we share this English translation and ask how has this wind energy fiasco been allowed to persist?

The Darmstadt Manifesto on the Exploitation of Wind Energy in Germany

Our country is on the point of losing a precious asset. The expansion of the industrial exploitation of wind energy has developed such a driving force in just a few years that there is now great cause for concern. A type of technology is being promoted before its effectiveness and its consequences have been properly assessed.

The industrial transformation of cultural landscapes which have evolved over centuries and even of whole regions is being allowed. Ecologically and economically useless wind generators, some of which are…

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