The Greentard Politician – from another Planet?

The unavoidable demise of the renewables scam….


We’ve had cause to comment on numerous political Muppets, like the rotten, mean and nasty Milne:

milne 200

We’ve also had a crack at Labor’s Laura Smyth:


And SA Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young:

Sadly – Laura and Sarah probably won’t be troubling us after 7 September. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind.

Victorian Green, Greg Barber and South Australian Green, Mark Parnell have also drawn a little STT fire.

parnell grover

Here’s a neat little wrap up by Pointman on where these Martians came from and where they will all end up.

Know your enemy: the “green” politician.
13 August 2013

Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life.  Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on.  Of all the groups I’ve looked at in…

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