Wang Wang and Funi to the rescue

Wind energy simply does not make sense.


South Australians have – since 1 July this year – been paying the highest power prices in the world.

And it seems that SA’s power-price-punishment has troubled a crowd called “WWF” – here’s a link to their site.


This group – not renowned for knowledge of Australia’s energy market – is apparently headed up by pandas.  Greg Bourne used to be one of WWF’s head pandas but he’s now the Chair of the ARENA Fund instead – which wind weasels have been treating as a personal piggy bank for some time now – it can be fairly called a “wind industry slush fund”.  What’s that you say about looking after your own panda den?

WWF’s head pandas have just called in aid a couple of their operatives – beloved Adelaide locals, Wang Wang and Funi to work out why South Australian power prices have hit the roof.

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