Up in Smoke

Running wind turbines on diesel….how ironic. Never was about anything but the CASH!!!


So much for wind power “saving the planet” – fossil fuel suppliers are watching their diesel sales soar as it becomes the fuel of choice for the back-up generation needed when wind-watts go missing – an inconvenient fact covered in Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down ….

You could say green dreams are going “Up in Smoke”.

But it’s another kind of wind power fiasco that’s creating more opportunities for diesel suppliers – this time – in the North Sea.

Windpark To Nowhere … 22,000 Litres Of Diesel Fuel Burned Every Month To Keep Windpark From Rusting Away!
P Gosselin
13 August 2013

Germany has ambitious plans of erecting huge offshore wind parks in the North and Baltic Seas with the hope of generating lots of natural, climate-friendly energy.  The Riffgat offshore wind park, comprising 30 monster turbines located some 15 kilometers from the North Sea island of Borkum, is…

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