Pattern Energy — An model example of the corruption and lies put forth by the wind industry

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Quixotes Last Stand

(Donnas Notes: Time and time and time again, we read of instances where wind energy companies not only lie about their product, but manipulate the data, spin the truth and ultimately leave ruin and destruction in their wind turbines paths.  When is this industry going to be held to the same standards of truth that every other business in the world is compelled to do through all sorts of consumer protection and safety laws?  When was it decided to give these sharks a free pass on every misdeed they do?   112 industrial wind turbines surround the little town of Ocotillo, California.  Imagine living with this nightmare.)

Ocotillo Residents Complain of Turbine Noise Similar to “Jet Engines” 

Miriam Rafferty — East County Magazine — August 13, 2013

When Pattern Energy presented its proposed Ocotillo Express Wind Facility project to Imperial County Supervisors, the company promised that massive industrial wind turbines would…

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