Welcome to Wynne’s police state, Social Control in Ontario

Ontario Wind Resistance

IMG_0420On Monday evening, a small group of rural Ontario residents protested, not unlike we’ve done every time Kathleen Wynne has flitted into a nearby town, wearing her ever-present grimace, and coordinating suit.  We have protested her in Strathroy, in Sarnia, we have protested her in Clinton and on Monday night she was in London to support the Liberal candidate, Ken Coran, in the upcoming by-election.  What was different about Monday night’s event was the treatment that our group received from the police and ‘security;’ as well as, how the camera operator for CTV was treated, by Wynne’s supporters, or as they more distinctly resemble—sheep; following blindly without question.

Surprise Ontarians!!  Kathleen Wynne, the first female, openly gay premier of our Province, whom you might believe to be a gentler and more accepting provincial honcho is in fact closer in leadership style to Hugo Chavez, or the late Kim Jong-il.  Under…

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One thought on “Welcome to Wynne’s police state, Social Control in Ontario”

  1. We do the letter writing, go to meetings, talk endlessly to “people”, and on and on but it has gotten us only so far. Unfortunately getting loudly and persistently into peoples faces is what gets attention and into public focus. Well Wynne has declared that turbines will only go where they are wanted and that lie is infuriating a great many people who have said “no!” What did she think was going to happen. She can expect more of the same. So sorry that Esther and company had to be so harassed while exercising their democratic right to a peaceful protest. Peaceful protesters can expect more of the same harassment. By the way, welcome “Mothers Against Wind Turbines”. Another important voice, the voice of the children, is now represented with this site.

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