Letter from the Chairman of Balcombe Parish Council

These protestors were not invited, nor are they welcomed by the locals! Fracking is 100% better than IWT’s. Why don’t they protest those?

Balcombe Parish Council

Over next weekend, from 16th to 21st August, the No Dash for Gas protest group is planning to hold their Reclaim the Power action camp somewhere in Balcombe.  As yet the location for the camp has not been disclosed and remains a mystery.

There have been reports in the media and on the group’s website that they will be here in response to a call from Balcombe to protect our interests. I have yet to establish who, if anybody, issued this invitation. It most certainly was not the Parish Council, and the local anti-fracking group, NoFibs, has confirmed it was not them.

For perhaps too long I have been sitting on the fence balancing the opinions in our village and tolerating extreme views, but the time has come to speak up.

Whilst villagers have voted that we oppose any future fracking and whilst having respect for those who…

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PC MPP fights Wind Turbines while supporting “idiotic Pumped Storage disaster” in the making!!!!!!

We need to have Tim Hudak make the PC’s position on Greed Energy “LOUD and CLEAR!!! This Smith guy is crazy!

The Big Green Lie

Geez!…………..”Green Energy” must be a trigger for insane and idiotic actions by politicians across the board!

OR could the promise of massive amounts of money being sucked out of Ontario consumers pockets lead to hypocrisy and destructive decisions by politicians when any developer comes up with a scheme like the Marmora Pumped Storage project by Northland Power.

BTW, Northland Power may not be the best investment for a Township to get involved with. See the following critique by a Financial analyst:

A look at Northland Power: Globe and Mail analyst :-

“(…………………………….And the stock sports a 6.9-per-cent yield – more than twice as high as the yield on the S&P/TSX composite index.
   But when a yield gets that high, you need to ask why. In Northland’s case, there are several risks to keep in mind………………………………………..)”

Take the following into account:

MPP Todd Smith for Prince Edward-Hastings, took on the…

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Know your enemy : the “green” politician.

We have quite a few politicians “invested” in the green scam…. We need to expose the “gang green”.


Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life. Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on. Of all the groups I’ve looked at in this series, that consideration applies to politicians the most.

It’s the pragmatic nature of politicians that they rarely make irrevocable commitments, because they are only too aware they’ll sometimes be obliged by changing circumstances to alter their position on things and it’s for that reason that the adjective slippery is so often applied to them. That may be a disagreeable fact to people but it’s simply the way Realpolitik has always worked. On the rare occasion that they make an unconditional promise on something that really matters and break it, electorates tend to be unforgiving.

For instance, as climate hysteria has died down, they’ve been slowly…

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Some thoughts on fanatics and how to fight them.

The gang green are the worst kind of fanatics!


I’ve always liked Churchill’s definition of a fanatic. “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Once you get past the witty aspect of the definition, there’s a deep truth in it too. They simply can’t change their mind.

I’ve seen a lot of debates in the blogosphere, where earnest attempts to show a fanatic not just a line of reasoning but the publicly documented facts about something, have failed utterly. They were never going to listen or be persuaded; they can’t change their minds. It’s as simple as that. Rational dialogue with them aimed at somehow converting them to your viewpoint is a losing strategy because it’s a waste of your time and does absolutely nothing to stop them anyway

There is also an insidious danger to this sort of interaction with them; you start to get imprinted by them. If you’re not…

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Our secret weapon.

How much time till it’s over completely???


There are three elements to be considered when formulating a strategy; the ultimate objective of the strategy, the resources you have available to achieve that objective and the way the resources are to be deployed to take and then hold that objective. Obviously, our objective is to destroy the political credibility of climate alarmism.

Identifying and enumerating a resource or asset, is a more tricky business. It may be something as concrete as a pile of money or something as intangible as an idea. At certain points in a campaign, a resource may have little utility but go on to be very important, or the reverse. Some resources you may have control of, some you may not. The most subtle type of resource, neither side has control of, but it can act at different points, to the advantage or detriment of either side. Some resources nominally belong to the opposition, but even…

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Melancthon mayor Hill stunned by effects of ‘flawed’ GEA

The Green Energy Act is an affront to democracy, and should be rescinded immediately.

Wind Resistance of Melancthon

A recent court decision appears to have the mayor of Melancthon wondering if the Green Energy Act overrides all other laws of the land.

In a personal letter to Premier Kathleen Wynn, Mayor Bill Hill describes as “another blow to democracy and local municipal governance as a result of your Government’s Draconian and repressive Green Energy and Economy Act” (GEA) a Superior Court ruling that effectively overruled the township’s zoning bylaw.

“Dufferin Wind Power Inc. (Longyuan Canada Renewables Ltd.) was successful in its Court Application regarding the storage of turbines on a property that was not zoned for that activity within the Township of Melancthon.

“Our position, based on solid planning advice, was that the exception did not allow for the off-site storage of turbine components on a property that was not zoned for that type of use.

“However, (Superior Court) Justice Morawetz ruled ln favour of Dufferin Wind Power…

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Municipal Law Seminar – Sept 2013 – Landowners Association

The Niagara Landowners Association is hosting Niagara’s first OLA Municipal Law Seminar.

September 21, 2013

At the Ramada Beacon Harbourside Hotel in Jordan Ontario.

Doors open at 11am for chat

Seminar 1pm to 5pm

Come out and learn what the law really is and not what you are told it is. The “Ontario Municipal Act” is very clear. Your Rights on your Private Property have already been protected.


Land Patent Grants – Municipal Law Seminar – Sept 2013

An Open Letter to Fellow Environmentalists — from a former renewables advocate

Quixotes Last Stand

(Donna’s note:  This should be sent to every politician and every ‘green’ person in your life to help them understand that those of us who are against the industrialization of rural countrysides with wind turbines are NOT ‘anti-earth’, but are in fact the last battalion left standing who understand the destructive nature of these supposedly ‘green’ machines. — DQ)

By Alex Budd — August 13, 2013

I should probably begin by introducing myself; my name is Alex, and I’m a recovering renewable energy advocate. For years, I was a victim of desperation and hope; I petitioned and parlayed, chanted and canvassed; I brimmed with excitement at the prospect of “green jobs” and a “renewable energy economy.” I still see much of myself in many of you.

I know what it’s like. I know exactly how it feels to look around and see a world not just dying but being suffocated…

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Pattern Energy — An model example of the corruption and lies put forth by the wind industry

Well said…

Quixotes Last Stand

(Donnas Notes: Time and time and time again, we read of instances where wind energy companies not only lie about their product, but manipulate the data, spin the truth and ultimately leave ruin and destruction in their wind turbines paths.  When is this industry going to be held to the same standards of truth that every other business in the world is compelled to do through all sorts of consumer protection and safety laws?  When was it decided to give these sharks a free pass on every misdeed they do?   112 industrial wind turbines surround the little town of Ocotillo, California.  Imagine living with this nightmare.)

Ocotillo Residents Complain of Turbine Noise Similar to “Jet Engines” 

Miriam Rafferty — East County Magazine — August 13, 2013

When Pattern Energy presented its proposed Ocotillo Express Wind Facility project to Imperial County Supervisors, the company promised that massive industrial wind turbines would…

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An Open Letter to Fellow Environmentalists

Well, at least this Greentard admits that renewables is a HUGE scam!!!

Deep Green Resistance New York

By Alex Budd / Deep Green Resistance Redwood Coast

The earth isn’t dying; it is being killed. And “clean energy” will only make things worse.

I should probably begin by introducing myself; my name is Alex, and I’m a recovering renewable energy advocate. For years, I was a victim of desperation and hope; I petitioned and parlayed, chanted and canvassed; I brimmed with excitement at the prospect of “green jobs” and a “renewable energy economy.” I still see much of myself in many of you.

I know what it’s like. I know exactly how it feels to look around and see a world not just dying but being suffocated, being tortured and maimed, sacrificed on the twin altars of profit and production. As a young person today, I know what it’s like to fear the future, to fear for my future. I—like many of you—have read all the studies and reports I need to see to know what’s coming…

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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