IESO Changes Capability Reporting on Eve of Ontario Liberals Paying Wind Companies to NOT Produce Electricity

 IESO is obscuring the truth to further a political agenda that will bankrupt the people of Ontario!

In Communist countries, Politicians are  paid by the public purse stuff the money into their own pockets, sell out the resources of the country to private for profit multinational corporations and the people become poorer and poorer – Sounds Like Ontario!!!!!!!!
I am calling on you to write a letter to the IESO demanding they bring back the Capability Information to Ontarians.
The IESO has changed thier Generators Output and Capability Report to EXCLUDE Wind’s Capability, in replacement of Wind Forecast.
Forecast now Matches Output which is a SPIN for reporting to the public.
All other Energy Sources for Ontario show Capability Vs Output – Except WIND!
This is wrong and also deceitful to Ontarians on the cusp of the Liberal Government now curtailing Wind while also paying contracted rates to Industrial Wind Turbine Companies.
An example of Why This Matters and what is now missing from the Public Eyes:
On August 29, 2013 at 1:00pm
IESO Reported a Demand of 29479MW
Of this demand, a MEASLY 0.0885% was generated by Wind Power
& Wind only used 1.1% of it’s CAPABILITY!!!!!
Marianne Kidd – Mothers Against Wind Turbines

An Open Letter to RSPB members

We need to push accountability for the wind industry. All of their lies can be easily exposed, with a little double checking!

Roger Helmer MEP

(and to National Trust members, come to that)

Britain’s birds are under threat from every side: habitat loss, urban sprawl, agricultural policies, domestic cats, and so on.  So I commend you, as an RSPB member, for your commitment to conserving and supporting bird populations.  Your concern does you credit.  And equally, I commend members of the National Trust for their efforts to preserve our heritage and our wonderful country houses.

I’m sure you’ll be aware of the threat posed to birds by wind turbines, as I am.  But recently, reading Matt Ridley’s wonderful essay on shale gas, I was shocked to read about the scale of the damage that turbines do to birds.  Of course it’s difficult to get accurate figures, but an academic from Oxford, Clive Hambler, has done a study showing that in Spain alone, millions of birds and bats are killed every year by turbines. …

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Sun News:Running on empty

LORNE GUNTER | QMI AGENCY 7:39 am, September 11th, 2013

Well, well. Another well written article on this scamdle called climate change/global warming. Lets keep shining that bright light on these cockroaches. The profiteers of doom and their alarmist sheeple cannot keep the lies going against the tide of a little something called reality. Here is an excerpt of that article:

You see, the Earth hasn’t warmed in the past 16 or 17 years, even though the production of carbon dioxide has continued apace.

And it is becoming harder and harder for global warming’s cheerleaders on the IPCC to square that circle.

As an increasing number of scientists begin to question the so-called consensus on climate change, the IPCC has pushed harder and harder for ever more dramatic and alarming predictions in AR5. Hence the delay.

Consider just a few recent announcements.

First, there were a few reports on Monday that Arctic sea ice is 60% greater than it was this time last year.

The northern ice cap begins to refreeze in September, so that means the slow shrinkage of Arctic ice may be reversing.

One year of ice growth does not make a trend, but imagine the hysterical headlines if it were the other way around – if the ice cap was 60% smaller.

For the rest of article:

Claim: Let’s put batteries on wind and solar farms

Batteries for Wind doesn’t make sense!!

Watts Up With That?

From Stanford University

Stanford scientists calculate the energy required to store wind and solar power on the grid

Renewable energy holds the promise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But there are times when solar and wind farms generate more electricity than is needed by consumers. Storing that surplus energy in batteries for later use seems like an obvious solution, but a new study from Stanford University suggests that might not always be the case.

“We looked at batteries and other promising technologies for storing solar and wind energy on the electrical grid,” said Charles Barnhart, the lead author of the study and a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP).

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Warming Alarmism 1930’s Style – Blame The Yo-Yo

The faux-green windweasels use climate change as a scare tactic!

Tory Aardvark

One thing always holds true with the Greens and warming alarmists, they absolutely love a human catastrophe or tragedy, because then they can apply their new branch of science witchcraft, Attribution to the event and conclusively prove that the hand of man has caused the event.

Take for example the ongoing human tragedy of the Syrian civil war. Civil wars have always been far more brutal and atrocity prone than conflicts between rival sovereign states, the Spanish Civil War of 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939 is a classic case of how barbaric and brutal a civil war can become.

As the fighting continues to rage and chemical weapons are used, the warming alarmists have detailed proof that Anthropogenic Global Warming is behind the Syrian conflict and many conflicts that have yet to start:

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New lawsuit launched to protect Ontario’s endangered species

I was wondering if any of the faux-green environmentalists would ever have the guts to speak out! Let’s see how this goes!

Ontario Wind Resistance

sign blanding turtleBy Dr. Anastasia Lintner, EcoJustice
There are many plants, birds and animals in Ontario whose survival is currently endangered or threatened. Without a concerted effort to ensure that these species are protected from harm, and have the homes and spaces necessary for their survival, we risk losing them altogether. The Ontario government has failed to deliver on its promise to defend endangered and threatened species.
And today, we’re doing something about that.

A promise to Ontarians and species at risk
In May 2007, we stood up with a coalition of environmental groups to celebrate significantly improved legal protections for Ontario’s at-risk species and their habitats. We saw the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA), as the best legal framework for protecting species at risk. It was a gold-star or A+ effort that was worth celebrating. All that was left to do was for the provincial government to implement the new law…

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CAW Turbine Fight at Queens Park

I think the Mothers Against Wind Turbines, will be visiting the miscreants at Queen’s Park soon…..Kathleen will want to hear from us!

Ontario Wind Resistance

CAW protestBayshore Broadcasting
The C-A-W’s industrial wind turbine at the Family Education Centre in Port Elgin has attracted the attention of the Ontario Legislature. Huron-Bruce Conservative M-P-P, Lisa Thompson, stood before her colleagues Tuesday to applaud residents and Saugeen Shores Council for their advocacy for those impacted by the structure. Thompson also chastised the government for their inaction.

Approval for the C-A-W owned turbine was approved years before the Liberal’s Green Energy Act was introduced. Therefore, 117 homes fall within the 550 metre setback regulated by the government — some Port Elgin residents live as close as 200 metres from the site. Thompson tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the “Liberal government refuses to listen to impacted citizens in Port Elgin, and across the province”. Read article

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Municipality of North Middlesex taking ERT to court: Sept 13 Osgoode Hall

I definitely want to go to this ERT>>>>

Ontario Wind Resistance

supremecourt_gavelThe Municipality of North Middlesex took the bold and celebrated step several months ago and decided to fight the NextEra Bornish Wind approval of 45 turbines, at the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).

But in a ruling the ERT decided it would not allow the municipality constitutional protection and the ability to file a claim for constitutional relief. Instead of backing down, North Mid is taking the ERT to court this Friday!

Hearing details below – please attend to show your support!:
Date: Friday, Sept.13
Time: 10:00am
Place: Osgoode Hall , Courtroom #3 MAP

Carpooling can be arranged in the Lamton-Middlesex contact Muriel:

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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