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Germany’s Bavaria Moves To Kill Off Unsightly Wind Energy Industry Using 10H Rule

By Pierre Gosselin No Tricks Zone January 13,2014
Windkraftwerksprojekt auf Langenzenner Flur gestoppt
Industrial wind projects in Bavaria are on hold pending the new siting rule.

I got an email from the head of an Ontario wind-turbine protest-group seeking information about wind power development in Germany.

Ontario, it appears, is poised to industrialize its landscape – thinking this will somehow lead to nicer weather. The head of the protest group wrote that the Ontario windpark promoters and lobbyists “are continually referring to Germany and their Energiewende and how successful their implementation of renewables is in that country.”

First off, the claim that the Energiewende in Germany has been successful is an outright lie, and it shows that Ontarian leaders haven’t done their homework on wind power and renewables. The German politicians and activists who spread that myth forgot to mention that 1) German power rates have skyrocketed due to the feed-in act, 2) industries are now threatening to leave, citing costly and unreliable energy supply, and 3) protests against windparks in Germany are becoming increasingly fierce as nobody wants them in their backyard anymore. Moreover, the outputs are far from what was promised. More than ever plans for new windparks are being forced offshore. But there too the technical problems, and thus profitability problems, are great.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Germany is drastically scaling back its subsidies for renewable energies and windparks. Last year alone Germany saw a 55% plunge in solar investments, and over the last 2 years Germany’s solar manufacturing industry has been all but obliterated. So much for the green dream.
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Bavarian Prime Minister Seehofer imposing 10 x h regulation for windturbines

Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer has put a halt to any further construction of “monster windmills”, as he calls them, in the German State of Bavaria. A new rule is to be imposed that all turbines must not be within a distance of 10 times the height of the turbine to an inhabited structure.  Two hundred metre model turbines will now have to be built at least 2km away. There are currently 600 wind turbines in Bavaria with plans to have 1500 built.  He has noted that in their new concept there will be significantly less built.  With this 10-H regulation, wind power in Bavaria will be dead, as was noted by Green leader Ludwig Hartmann.  And not a moment too soon.  Lucky Bavarians.  Maybe Prime Minister Seehofers’ counterpart here in Ontario, Premier Wynne, should see these articles and get inspired!

Sorry some of  these articles are in German, you will have to use Google translate.  Enjoy!

Prime Minister Seehofer slows the development of wind turbines after violent civil protests in Franconia.

Wind turbines should not come too close to houses.

Adios Energiewende.

Windpower blocked in Bavaria: Opponents feel vindicated.;art16683,7872996

CSU Stops expansion: Wind power in Bavaria on the brink:

Seehofer wants to tighten spacing requirements.

Seehofer sabotages the Energiewende.

By the end of the month Ilse Aigner wants to deliver a presentation as the new distance regulations for wind turbines are to be applied in practice.  This time they will probably coordinate closely with Seehofer

Compensation is sought from blocked windturbines in Bavaria.,7880267&prev=/search%3Fq%3DBlockierte%2BWindr%25C3%25A4der:%2BAiwanger%2Bfordert%2BEntsch%25C3%25A4digung%26nord%3D1%26biw%3D1680%26bih%3D904


Germany’s highest court has ruled against the owner of an Enercon wind turbine. Enercon is the largest producer of wind turbines in Germany and major supplier to many wind projects in Ontario.
Owner of an Enercon wind turbine was successfully sued by a citizen’s group for making false claims that their turbines do not emit cyclical sound – the culprit swoosh/ thump that causes sleep disturbance.
The United Nation’s World Health Organization’s (WHO) which Canada is a party to, classifies sleep disturbance as a serious harm to health.
The facts speak for themselves:
Ontario has to be forced to apply its own penalties for cyclical sound (5dB) and impulsive sound (10dB) to wind turbines.
Setback distances to homes double and sleep disturbance, vertigo, tinnitus all identified as harms to health in the MOE study, are minimized.


Enercon Court Loss- OLG Munchen 27 U 3421/11

ENERCON E-82: Pulsed Noise

Enercon, Europe’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, has a problem: The decision of the Bavarian Higher Regional Court in Munich about the wind turbine in Kienberg points out that in the  E 82 turbine emits pulsed noise. Therefore to any actually measured sound level three decibels would have to be added.

This supplement  seriously could question any wind turbine site close to dwellings. As previously reported, the 27th Civil Division of the Bavarian Higher Regional Court now affirmed the pulsed noise and granted a lawsuit by opponents of the wind turbine in Kienberg, Marktgemeinde Rennertshofen.

” To us this verdict is completely incomprehensible”, says Felix Rehwald, spokesman for the largest European wind turbine manufacturer Enercon. The market leader, headquartered in Aurich, Lower Saxony, Germany, sells its wind turbines with the grade “no pulsed noise”. Experts instructed by Enercon  have not confirmed pulsed noise so far said company spokesman Rehwald. Now the sentence of the Bavarian court bothers the Enercon-lawyers. They will consider further steps.

Read entire article here.

Here is the court ruling OLG Munchen 27 U 3421/11

And this is an important addition.

The Federal Court of Justice has rejected the ENERCON case. The Federal Court of Justice is the highest Court for such cases in Germany, so Enercon has no possibility to go further in this case. The 3 dB addition for pulsed noise for the E82 is official.

This 3db penalty means that these Niagara Region Wind Corp Enercon E-101 turbines, which are even larger than the Enercon E-82 model turbines,  would no longer be able to be squeezed into our populated rural communities.  The day of reckoning is here.  Yeehaaw!

Court rules: wind turbine is too loud by Claudia Stegman

And a more recent update on the Kienberg wind turbine in this articledated Septenber 12, 2013:

Climate talks: Polish environment minister sacked to accelerate shale gas operations

The Guardian

Well it looks like Poland just slapped the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change right in the face.

 “This is nuts. Changing the minister leading the climate negotiations after a race to the bottom by parties of the convention shows Prime Minister Tusk is not sincere about the need for an ambitious climate deal,” said Maciej Muskat, director of Greenpeace Poland.

Read the entire article here.

Its the comments after the article that one must also read.  I found this interesting piece of information regarding Germanys highly trumpeted wind energy transformation.   So with 30,000 installed capacity of wind, at Sunday at 3PM, it produced a shocking 200 MW!

You write: ‘No lights went out and no atomic powerstations had to be turned on again’. Let me ask: than what is the use of random wind and solar power generation, other than make you pay $0,40/kWh for your electricity?If you are interested in hard numbers and the way the ‘energiewende’ is going, this is an excellent article: the way, regarding the ‘highly unusual event’, see, actual windpower generated for 21/11/13. I think the record low was set last Sunday at 3 pm with about 200 MW or 0,6% of the installed wind capacity of 30.000MW.

Mafia Washed Millions in Wind Farm?

Aurich, Crotone, Deutschland, Enercon, Geschäftspartner, Hamburg, HSH Nordbank, Kiel, Mafia, Osnabrück, Österreich, Staatsanwaltschaft

With a nationwide crackdown the Osnabrueck prosecutor has taken on Tuesday against several companies who will have contacts with the Mafia.  Being investigated for suspicion of money laundering.  About 300 emergency personnel have searched more than 20 properties in Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Bremen as well as in Austria. . Suspected, among other business partners of the wind turbine manufacturer  Enercon and HSH Nordbank .

Read rest of article here.

and here:

Also this article:

Read this article as well. Use bing to translate.

Germany’s Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good

By SPIEGEL Staff September 04, 2013 – 07:15 PM

Germany’s agressive and reckless expansion of wind and solar power has come with a hefty pricetag for consumers, and the costs often fall disproportionately on the poor. Government advisors are calling for a completely new start.
If you want to do something big, you have to start small. That’s something German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier knows all too well. The politician, a member of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has put together a manual of practical tips on how everyone can make small, everyday contributions to the shift away from nuclear power and toward green energy. The so-called Energiewende, or energy revolution, is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s project of the century.

and here a few extra articles from the archives regarding the Energiewende in Germany.

Click to access 2012_01_09_EIKE_Germa_energy_turnaround_english.pdf

And a recent article that has Germany’s energy figures from 2012. Fossil fuel plants achieve a capacity factor of 80% or more, nuclear at 94%, solar at 11% and wind at 17%. And still its full steam ahead for Germany and the green enviro nuts.