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Emergency Landing in Haldimand Avoids Wind Turbines.

haldimand airplane crash

A Second World War plane successfully dodged the wind turbines and landed safely  after experiencing engine problems. The off airport landing was in a field outside of Cayuga and occurred on June 18, 2016 in Haldimand County.  The pilot and passenger were reported to be uninjured.


Green energy vs. the protection of endangered species.

Appellants from Port Ryerse opposing the Boralex project

Because of the barn owls the MOE has asked for an additional adjournment of 5 months until March 31st 2015. 

However, Boralex has requested an” Overall benefit permit”  for the Owl predicament.

  • This means they have requested to be able to disturb the owls nesting habitat 
  • They can also get a permit if killing the birds will improve the economy of Ontario.

THIS will be THE FIRST ever benefit permit in Ontario given ( or not) for barn owls . Please read :

Dear Ms. Pietrzyk and counsel

In preparation for tomorrow’s teleconference, MOECC has been in communication with MNRF and proponent’s counsel regarding the ongoing process under the Endangered Species Act.

We understand from MNRF that staff at MNRF have reviewed the information submitted by the proponent on the recent confirmed siting of a Barn Owl. MNRF Aylmer District staff have advised the proponent that:

  1. Based on the information provided, MNRF can confirm that the proponent will require an overall benefit permit under section 10 (habitat) and section 9 (harm or harass a species) under the Endangered Species Act; and
  2. The proponent will now be required to move forward on submitting an Avoidance Alternatives Form and an application for the Overall Benefit Permit.

MNRF has also informed MOECC that this will be the first Barn Owl Overall Benefit permit developed in the Province and there are a number of unknowns right now that will take some work and some time to bring to conclusion – including some identification work through the Royal Ontario Museum.

In light of MNRF’s position on the ESA permit, the Director requests a further 5 month adjournment, with the caveat that:

(a) the Director agrees to immediately inform the Tribunal and other parties if the permit is issued prior to the end of the five month period; and
(b) a teleconference is arranged 4 ½ months into the adjournment to provide the Tribunal and other parties with an update (should the permit still not be issued at that point).
Please read the benefit permit requirements at:

Because the owl is also protected at the Federal level a letters should go to the ministers at both Federal and Provincial levels.   This is a significant permit being developed, please write your own letters to:

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq
Minister of the Environment 

Points would be:

  • the first sighting in 5 years.
  • benefit will not be to the owls nor to Ontario
  • this a federally protected species so therefore the Federal Minister needs to get involved.
  • describe the small land area and how the owls feel safe here.
  • any construction activity will  destroy not only where they are nesting but also the roadside ditches where they are finding their food.
  • how it is in close proximity to a conservation area which gives protection.
  • the proponents own staff and the Provincial MNRF concurred eagles would not nest here and two months later we had eagles nesting.
  • they didn’t get that right- how can we trust them to get this very significant permit – the first one ever to be asked for 
  • ask that the Federal minister over see this permit development.

Please come out to this presentation:


CaptureA Special Presentation

Learn how to identify species-at-risk
and how you can help protect them.



James Cowan, Canadian Raptor Conservancy and
Bernie Solymár, EarthTramper Consulting Inc.

Pt. Ryerse Memorial Church
Thursday, November 6th
at 7 P.M.
Meet a live Barn Owl and Bald Eagle!

A small donation will help defray the cost of the room rental.

Printable PDF: A Special Presentation AT RISK IN PT. RYERSE! FLYER

Wainfleet wind project gets final approval

Wainfleet wind project gets final approval

Five-turbine project a collaboration between Loeffen Farms and Rankin construction

Port Colborne Leader

The Ministry of the Environment has granted approval to a wind turbine project in the township.

IPC Energy announced the approval Monday. The project, a collaboration between Loeffen Farms and Rankin construction, will see a nine megawatt wind farm built in the township. A total of five turbines will be built.

“We are pleased to advance this project into the long anticipated construction phase of development,” said John Andrews, president of IPC Energy, in a press release.

IPC Energy has been awaiting the final Renewable Energy Approval for months, and now that its been granted construction is expected to begin sometime this month.

The project is expected to create enough electricity to power 1,400 homes, producing 25 million kWh per year.

“It has been an extremely rigorous and complex process that will ultimately positively serve all Ontarians by investing in our future energy needs using private capital in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Tom Lewis, project manager at IPC Energy.

The project has been a controversial one, with staunch opposition from many residents and the township council. Earlier this year the township declared itself an unwilling host to turbine projects.

Wainfleet wind project gets final approval.

Oulton wind turbine plan is withdrawn – Environment – Eastern Daily Press

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
9:49 AM

A comparison of the proposed Oulton turbine against Big Ben.

A controversial wind turbine application has been withdrawn after concerns were raised by Norwich International Airport and the Ministry of Defence.

The plan for the 77m-high structure on the disused second world war airfield in Oulton, near Aylsham, was submitted to Broadland District Council by Bernard Matthews Wind Energy Co-operative in February.

It was withdrawn on Monday because of “outstanding information” on how the developers, not-for-profit organisation Energy4All, would have overcome concerns.

The plan attracted vehement opposition from Oulton residents and surrounding villages because of its potential impact on the landscape.

Concerns were also raised by the National Trust and English Heritage because of its visual impact on Blickling Hall and the surrounding conservation area.

A spokesman for Energy4All said: “Energy4All is disappointed to confirm that the planning application for the single community wind turbine at Oulton has been withdrawn.

“We will continue to seek a resolution to the MoD objection, with the intention of resubmitting the application at an appropriate time.”

It is not known when a new application will be submitted.

An MoD spokesman said an objection was made because the turbine would be 18km from the Air Defence radar at Trimingham and would cause “unacceptable interference”.

Norwich International airport also objected because the turbine would interfere with its radar.

Oulton parish councillor Sam Booker said: “Pretty much everybody was against it. Everybody is pleased and relieved.”

There were 79 letters against the plan, objections from Cawston, Blickling, Oulton and Heydon parish councils and 10 letters of support.

Oulton wind turbine plan is withdrawn – Environment – Eastern Daily Press.