Personal Score-Settling Is the New Climate Agenda

The Wall Street Journal    Holman Jenkins

The cause of global carbon regulation may be lost, but enemies still can be punished.

Surely, some kind of ending is upon us. Last week climate protesters demanded the silencing of Charles Krauthammer for a Washington Post column that notices uncertainties in the global warming hypothesis. In coming weeks a libel trial gets under way brought by Penn State’s Michael Mann, author of the famed hockey stick, against National Review, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, writer Rand Simberg and roving commentator Mark Steyn for making wisecracks about his climate work. The New York Times runs a cartoon of a climate “denier” being stabbed with an icicle.

These are indications of a political movement turned to defending its self-image as its cause goes down the drain. That’s how thoroughly defunct, dead, expired is the idea that humanity might take charge of earth’s atmosphere through some supreme triumph of the global regulatory state over democracy, sovereignty, nationalism and political self-interest, the very facts of political human nature.

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Reminder Tuesday Norfolk Council Tuesday- Quiet Night Bylaw presentation by Warren Howard‏

Hi please send out  a reminder to anyone who might be interested (including an invitation to your council members)

Warren Howard  will be doing his presentation for the Quiet Nights Bylaw in regards to regulating Wind Turbine Noise.  He will be the first speaker on the agenda.

Norfolk County Chambers, Simcoe tomorrow Tuesday March 4th  at around 5:15pm

Wind Farm Stops Work

By  Tom Sebo Goulburn Post, NSW           March 3, 2014, 10:02 a.m.

THE NSW Government has asked the proponents of the Gullen Range Wind Farm to stop work on key turbines after an investigation by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure found “serious” breaches of its approval.

Many of the 73 turbines have been constructed in different locations to what was originally approved.

Variations range from about a metre to 187 metres off target. Some are now closer to homes than they were supposed to be.

Gold Wind has voluntarily complied with the stop work order but has been warned it could face legal action in the Land and Environment Court.

Planning and Infrastructure executive director Chris Wilson was disappointed by the breaches and said the matter was serious.

“It is essential that the company stop work on the turbines that have been moved closer to homes,” he said.

Last week the proponents voluntarily stopped working on the turbines that had been identified however a spokesperson for the company disputed there had been any breaches. He said they had focused carefully on complying with the Development Approval.

“The project approval authorises the construction of the wind turbines in the locations identified in the environmental assessment but those locations may be subject to ‘minor relocation’,” he said.  Read rest of article here.

Minor relocation????!!!!!!!  187 meters off target is minor?????  Reminds me of a Monte Python skit where some poor fella loses a few limbs and calls it a “minor flesh wound”.  LOLOLOL  Here in Ontario we have a five turbine wind installation with four of the turbines out of compliance.  One is 27 metres not where it should be.  The developer though doesn’t seem to have an issue with that.  It is not a home it’s in violation of but someone’s property.  I guess it’s ok then right?