“First Wind Motel” Planned

hotel californiaUntil Dec. 22, they lived less than a mile from one of the turbines, within a mile of five more. Each of the 16 turbines are taller than 500 feet and within two miles of their home.

Help has come from many of the family’s supporters — from people in Sheffield to the Danby-based Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

VCE executive director Annette Smith dipped into inheritance funds her parents left her to purchase the used trailer for the couple, saying she feared for the Therriens’ lives while trying to survive another winter on the mountain.

Ultimately, with VCE’s help, the Therriens’ former home will be turned into a motel of sorts. Guests will be educated on the effects of living near an industrial wind project site, said Smith.

“We are going to set it up as the First Wind Motel, that is our plan, and people can come up and experience it firsthand,” said Luann. A minimum stay of several nights will be required so the experience is meaningful, said Smith, adding that the same idea is being discussed near a wind project in another state.

Smith said, “Someone will be staying at the house in Sheffield after the Therrien family leaves.”

‘This family was out of time’: Sheffield family resettled with help   http://www.vermonttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20141228/NEW…;

Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine


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