Press release from Toby Barrett

For Immediate Release

February 20, 2014

Time for an immediate moratorium

on wind turbines


Queen’s Park – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett and his Opposition colleagues are once again urging the Wynne government to stop the onslaught of industrial wind turbines and the damage they are doing, by implementing an immediate moratorium.

“Requiring companies to comply with the rules of your Green Energy Act is quite simply your ministry’s job,” Hudak wrote in a letter to Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy. “But what our communities and economy really need is a completely different approach. It is time to admit that your expensive energy experiment is a failure and is tearing apart communities.”

Just a few hours later, the Ontario PC caucus issued a statement reaffirming its plan to scrap the Green Energy Act.

“Taxpayers across Ontario are just getting some of their larger electricity bills in the mail now,” MPP Barrett said. “And it’s quite apparent as they open these bills that the Green Energy Act is a disaster.”

Barrett went on to summarize his opposition to industrial wind turbines.

“Ontario needs to get back on track and we could make great gains by scrapping the Green Energy Act and implementing an immediate moratorium on wind turbines,” he said. “We stand by our commitment to end the expensive feed-in tariff program.”

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