Germany’s Bavaria Moves To Kill Off Unsightly Wind Energy Industry Using 10H Rule

By Pierre Gosselin No Tricks Zone January 13,2014
Windkraftwerksprojekt auf Langenzenner Flur gestoppt
Industrial wind projects in Bavaria are on hold pending the new siting rule.

I got an email from the head of an Ontario wind-turbine protest-group seeking information about wind power development in Germany.

Ontario, it appears, is poised to industrialize its landscape – thinking this will somehow lead to nicer weather. The head of the protest group wrote that the Ontario windpark promoters and lobbyists “are continually referring to Germany and their Energiewende and how successful their implementation of renewables is in that country.”

First off, the claim that the Energiewende in Germany has been successful is an outright lie, and it shows that Ontarian leaders haven’t done their homework on wind power and renewables. The German politicians and activists who spread that myth forgot to mention that 1) German power rates have skyrocketed due to the feed-in act, 2) industries are now threatening to leave, citing costly and unreliable energy supply, and 3) protests against windparks in Germany are becoming increasingly fierce as nobody wants them in their backyard anymore. Moreover, the outputs are far from what was promised. More than ever plans for new windparks are being forced offshore. But there too the technical problems, and thus profitability problems, are great.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Germany is drastically scaling back its subsidies for renewable energies and windparks. Last year alone Germany saw a 55% plunge in solar investments, and over the last 2 years Germany’s solar manufacturing industry has been all but obliterated. So much for the green dream.
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2 thoughts on “Germany’s Bavaria Moves To Kill Off Unsightly Wind Energy Industry Using 10H Rule”

  1. The people that claim wind turbines are good for anything at all, are either stupid, or lying to protect their gravy train. Supporters of wind, are supported by wind. It is nothing but a world-wide scam!

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