50,000 attend rally with speech against climate agenda in Poland

Watts Up With That?


Not Welcome: UN climate summit in Poland greeted by 50,000 angry Poles rallying against UN


As more than 50,000 enthusiastic Poles gathered in downtown Warsaw on Monday to celebrate National Independence Day, with millions more watching on live television, CFACT president David Rothbard was invited to the stage to deliver an impassioned address celebrating freedom and warning against the dangerous and oppressive climate agenda of the UN.

See video, CFACT warns 50,000+ against UN climate agenda:

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3 thoughts on “50,000 attend rally with speech against climate agenda in Poland”

  1. Why are the Poles so clued in to the UN and the majority of Canadians have no idea of their plans for global governance? I would like to know if it is because they have had experience with evil dictatorships in the past, they can easily spot this one? Great job Poles!

  2. the article wrong – 50k poles were NOT protesting GWCC. I found a very informative on the context of this rally. It was coincident with a nationalist rally. Here it is in total since I do nt know how to link to it

    “I am polish by birth. While I was not there (I live in the US), I speak the language fluently and thus can read polish newspapers, left wing and right wing, as they are now available online. I do visit as well.
    These people are nationalists, demonstrating yearly on the anniversary of re-creation of independent polish state in 1918, following ~150 years of partition. The independence day is celebrated yearly on November 11. They tend to believe that Poland was once again “sold out” to foreign interests and is losing it’s independence. There is a religious angle to the movement, and unfortunately a fair dose of anti-Semitism as well. If you want to look for their analogue in the US, Alex Jones would come the closest (minus anti-Semitism). The movement is opportunistically embraced by right wing politicians who lost power few years ago to pro-EU parties. Their demonstrations have been progressively turning more disruptive and violent over the last few years.
    I think it is fair to say that extreme nationalists represent a fairly small minority in Poland. Having said this, many people in Poland do not care for global warming. You can see it in mostly hostile comments to articles about the UN summit, even in left wing newspapers. Poland is naturally opposed to these policies because of abundant coal deposits which still provide most of energy generation. The opposition is shared by right wing and left wing parties. All of this being the case, 50,000 were not demonstrating against UN global warming summit in Warsaw. The summit and demonstrations were coincidental (whomever scheduled the UN summit on this date in Warsaw is a complete moron).”

  3. I was even a little skeptical when I first read that article. Sigh…Maybe the story (even though it is misinterpreted ) could still spur others on to demonstrate against the outrage that is planned against all of humanity. I don’t know….maybe its just wishful thinking. I guess us the sheep are obligingly lining up for the slaughter.

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