Islanders talking about wind turbines

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Ontario Wind Resistance

Manitoulin Vultures Waiting forBird Mortality May 9, 2012 (3)Manitoulin Expositor
It has become fairly common these days to hear about various communities in Ontario fighting to stop the building of industrial turbines in their neighbourhoods. The latest to jump on that bandwagon is the Municipality of Amherstburg in Lambton County. That brings it to 64 townships that have said they will not be willing hosts for industrial turbines and 33 that have expressed concerns.

Leamington Mayor John Patterson says after attending the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference he thinks the provincial government is willing to listen to concerns from across the province. I have yet to see any evidence of that. As far as I can tell, the Liberal government is gung-ho with the subsidies to big wind companies like Northland Power, which is in the process of building the sites for 24 industrial turbines on McLean’s Mountain on Manitoulin Island.

Since my last column on wind…

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