Dear Ontario Ombudsman – 15 Day Response a Joke!

Just like many of you wind warriors out there, my husband and I have written many letters to our Liberal MPP’s, Ministers, and their aids…we’ve even tried phoning their offices…being  “passed around” to the next and the next person with no avail. With the phone calls, it gets very frustrating because we literally are talking to people who have “NO CLUE” or background info on what we are talking about…and in my opinion, are mostly ignorant to the issues facing Rural Ontario.

Did you know that all Ministers including the Premier have 15 days to respond to our letters?

We have now resorted to consulting with Ontario’s Ombudsman. In my area alone (and I’m sure this is happening all over Ontario), we have recently submitted over 50 letters & counting, to the Ombudsman. Many letters are months old and have serious concerns from local residents. Responses have been requested in all emails or letters. It is very sad that now we must resort to begging for a response to the many questions/concerns we expect our government to answer.

I encourage you all to send the Ombudsman your emails/letters which have gone unanswered. Blanket, Propaganda responses do not count either….here is the contact info below:

Thanks goes out to “Bonnie” for coordinating this effort for us in the Haldimand, West Lincoln and Wainfleet areas!

One thought on “Dear Ontario Ombudsman – 15 Day Response a Joke!”

  1. Yay Bonnie!! We could not have a more competent or intelligent ally in this battle for justice!!! Thanks goes out to everybody who has been willing to step outside of their comfort zone, to fight for our communities, and our lives!

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